Loderm Cream 1% 10gm

Clotrimazole 10 mg


Loderm 1% Cream: Each gram cream contains Clotrimazole BP 10 mg.


Clotrimazole acts primarily by damaging the permeability barrier in the cell membrane of fungi. Clotrimazole causes inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis, an essential constituent of fungal cell membranes. If ergosterol synthesis is either completely or partially inhibited, the cell is no longer able to construct an intact and functional cell membrane. Because ergosterol directly promotes the growth of fungal cells in a hormone‐like fashion, rapid onset of the above events leads to dose-dependent inhibition of fungal growth.

Though decreased ergosterol, due to the inhibition of lanosterol 14-demethylase (also known as CYP51) is accepted to be primarily responsible for the antimycotic properties of clotrimazole, this drug also shows other pharmacological effects. These include the inhibition of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase, depletion of intracellular calcium, and blocking of calcium‐dependent potassium channels and voltage‐dependent calcium channels. The action of clotrimazole on these targets accounts for other effects of this drug that are separate from its antimycotic activities.


Loderm (Clotrimazole) is indicated for:

  • All fungal skin infections due to dermatophytes (e.g. Trichophyton species).
  • All dermatomycoses due to yeasts (e.g. Candida species).
  • Skin diseases due to moulds and other fungi.

These  dermatomycoses and skin infections include ring worm (tinea), athlete’s foot, paronychia, pityriasis versicolor, erythrasma, intertrigo, fungal nappy rash, candida balanitis.


In adults

Loderm (Clotrimazole) should be thinly and evenly applied 2-3 times daily to the affected area and rubbed in gently. To help clear up infection completely and prevent  relapse, treatment should be continued for at least two weeks after the disappearance of all signs of infections. If the feet are infected should be thoroughly washed and dried, especially between the toes, before applying the cream.

Use in Children

As like adults or directed by the physician.


Loderm (Clotrimazole) is contraindicated for patients who are hypersensitive to Clotrimazole.


Avoid oral or ophthalmic use.


Occasional skin irritation or burning sensation may occur in a very few cases which are not considered harmful.


Loderm (Clotrimazole) is very poorly absorbed into the blood after application to the skin. Studies in women in their second or third trimesters have demonstrated no ill effects. It is not known whether Loderm (Clotrimazole) is secreted in breast milk.


Store at a cool & dry place, protect from light & moisture. Keep out of the reach of children.


Loderm 1% Cream: Tube containing 10 gm cream.

Loderm Cream 1% 10gm
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